Fortune on the Spectrum
An Autism Adventure Novel by Mark Ferdinand

The autism novel, “Fortune on the Spectrum” is from Texas author Mark Ferdinand. Its main character is on the autism spectrum. The story covers his life from birth through his autism diagnosis to him becoming the youngest, self-made millionaire in Texas history. Then things get tough!

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Best novels about autism lists include Fortune on the Spectrum, an adventure novel by Mark Ferdinand

Fortune on the Spectrum is available in Kindle format from Amazon. Among the top of the list of best novels about Texas at the Goodreads site!

Fortune on the Spectrum is an adventure with the main character on the autism spectrum. Autism helps the character with his talent of picking and trading stocks to the point that he becomes the youngest self-made millionaire in Texas history!

The character makes impressive amounts of money in the stock market with ease, but faces challenges in dealing with society and the whims of mother nature. All the money in the world is of no help when encountering a determined bully or a natural disaster.

Autism books on Kindle. Available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle. Fortune on the Spectrum ISBN-13: 978-1503177543

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